About Us

Audrey and Friends was established in October 2020. We are inspired by our daughter, Audrey Selena.

As Audrey grew, we always strived to create opportunities for her to discover and learn through play. This sparkled our love for open-ended toys, the limitless possibilities of what she can be and what she will create. Start with collected a special bits for Audrey to play, and finally we found out there is so much joy in these beautiful toys, so at this time we want to share with others.

As parents, we are passionate about providing our children with safe and natural toys that will foster learning and imagination. We’ve started this store with the hopes of inspiring others to learn and create the way we do. There are many benefits to this kind of play and a few strong reasons for us choosing this in our home was to enhance their imagination and strengthen their understanding of the world around them.

Thank you for stopping by and we look forward to sharing something special with you from Audrey & Friends.