Grapat 12 Nins Wizards (Magos)


It contains: 12 Nins® Wizards (Magos) in the colours of the rainbow.

The 12 Nins® Wizards (Magos) become a material which can be used as a symbolic play, to create stories and Small Worlds. However, combined with other elements, they can be part of mathematical, language and sensorial games, among others. Moreover, this material is not structured, which allows for it to be used in a broad number of ways. They don’t have eyes,
or a gender. This way, it’s the children who can develop their own stories and it’s them who decide which character they are going to play with (a pirate, a vampire…etc.)

It can be combined with the classic Nins®, the Baby Nins® & Adult Nins (Dark Wood / Light Wood) to give shape to an in nity of family structures.

Recommended age: +10 months

It includes textile bag with GOT Certificate fabric.